BE! was created to raise awareness and prevent suicide with a four prong approach.  First, Teressa shares Ean's story so that students can relate.  Next, Teressa takes a no non-sense approach to inform students what to do when a friend states they are suicidal and provides LOCAL resources to help those with depression.  Next, BE! provides a "BE! Hive" to the school.  This is a box that students can annonymously report that a friend is suicidal.  The school office would simply check the lock box daily and let the parents of the suicidal person know.  This would alleviate liability issues for the school.  Finally, to ensure the program is at least creating awareness, the school is left with a survey for students to complete a day or two after the program.
This innovative four prong approach grabs the students attention better than any video. brochure or chapter in a health book and educates teens that they are the ones that can truly saves lives.  One of the messages Teressa discusses is the idea that Ean's friends did not want to betray Ean's trust by "telling on" him... and BE! wants to make it ok for students to report suicidal statments.  This is an innovative program that truly can save lives!
1 in 5 High School students are seriously contemplating suicide!